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Dark Side


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Dark Side
By: Valentine Llanos

A professor convinces the USA to send a mission to discover the dark side of the sun.

Dark Side

By Valentine Llanos

Fade in:

A black screen appears with the characteristics of the sun scrolling up slowly enough for the viewers to follow. The sun a star with a radius of 696,000 km has an effective temperature of 5,700 k. his distance from the earth is 150 millions km and has a rotation of 25.4 days. The most important aspect of it is that just like any other star the sun was born or created, it will developed and eventually allegedly explode.

The sun information is ended and now the black screen goes away as we see the sun rise over New York City while the credits are shown. At the same time we hear voices, car sounds, laughs, basically city noise as we see from up above.

The camera moves closer and closer towards the city building stops and gets away from it directing it self towards a housing development.

Cut to:

Professors house outside in the morning

A white and gray huge house with very elegant style windows stands alone on a seven acres of land.

Cut to:

Professors house outside in the morning later

Now at the back of the house a black German shepherd call Skip runs around the yard and barks very loud.


(From the inside of the house)

Calm down skipit will be a second

Cut to:

Inside the professors house later

The camera moves around the house. First we see the master bedroom with a huge bed with white covers and 3 small pillows. A black dresser and night table with a white telephone on top of the table. White and gray curtains and a lot of figurines of the sun all over the room.

Water is running at the shower

Camera cuts to the living room were its points to a 40 inches TV inside a bigger entertainment center. A sofa and two love seats as well as a coffee table with a clear vase of red and white artificial roses. Pictures of space images as well as family pictures on the wall with a clock showing June 12 2001.

Camera now moves to the kitchen viewing a refrigerator next to the kitchen top and the stove was the professor if fixing breakfast. The professor is a 50-year-old man. Middle high and white with gray hair. Wearing yellow pajamas he walks towards the table to place the food on it for his wife and himself. Now he goes back to the stove area to ensure that everything is off, rinses his hands, dry them up with a paper towel and walks back to open the door for his dog.

Cut to:

Exterior professor house continuos

As Skip eats his food the professor walks towards the door as he whistle softly.

Cut to:

Interior professor house later

Now Laurie the professors wife is finishing washing the dishes wearing a blue apron with yellow flowers, a white ankle level skirt, black sandals and a light blue shirt.

The camera now moves to the professor sitting on the sofa reading the paper and drinking coffee. Wearing a suit without a tie he gets up off the sofa, walks towards the kitchen, cleans and put the cup away into the cabinet above the stove as his wife stares at him.


(With a big smile)


Laurie gets close to him Hugh and kisses him very softly.


I love youyou are looking great today. What is it?

He moves away from her and goes back to the living room. The professor gets his briefcase as Laurie follows him very close without him knowing.

The professor turns around towards the front door and there she is.


Oh! I guess I cant leave right


Well it all depends


Ok, what is it?


Nothing, just playing. Good luck today ok


Thank you honey.

They get close again and kiss this time with more passion. They booth smile.

Cut to:

Exterior professor house continuos

Outside the professor is walking to his car a 2000 Cadillac Escalante as his wife plays with the dog. Skip barks and barks as the mailman arrives and puts mail into the mailbox. The professor now inside the vehicle looks towards the house.


See you later babe

Dog barks

The professor smiles

Professor (cont.)

You too Skip



Good luck again Albert

The professor waves his hand to his wife as he is backing the car up, gets to the street and goes to the left while approaching the mailman


Good luck Albert


Jesuseveryone knows

Now stopped at the light which is the first one from the house, he turns the radio on. Opera music is playing now

Now as Laurie walks towards the mailbox she looks at the professor while she gets the mail, she takes her eyes from him for a moment to get the mail and wan she looks back he is gone. She closes the lid on the box


Lets go skip

Skip barksand follows her to the house

Cut to:

Exterior somewhere on the highway later

Camera shows an overhead view of the city traffic as the sun is beaming over the whole city. The camera gets closer and closer until its pinpoint the professors vehicle. He stops at a light with a red Mustang to his left playing rap music. He is not able to see inside until someone rolls the window down as smoke comes out of it.

Cut to:

Exterior school parking lot moments later

The professor is just pulling into the parking lot as we see other people are also getting in. we also see a lot of people coming in and walking towards the building as well as sitting on their cars and talking among them.

The professor parks the car. He gets out of the car and gets his briefcase from the trunk. Now the professor walks back to the driver side of the car and gets his tie and put it on, it is a clip on tie. He locks the car and leaves.

Cut to:

Interior New York University moments later

Walking across the hallways of the school among several students the professor is listening to a tape of his speech for today on a Walkman as we hear voices from students.

Cut to:

Interior classroom later

In muted mode the professor is lecturing the class as he walks around and between students. The sound come on slowly bit by bit.


Okso who wants to elaborate about that?

Some students raise their hand as the professor stands in front of the class and looking over everyone.


(In a sarcastic way)

Anybodyhell somebody please

Students laugh


Ok go ahead Laurie

She is the hottest girl in school and looks just like the professors wife 21 years ago that is why people said the professor plays favoritism to her.

Laurie Smith

The sun is the most intriguing star in the whole universe and with you help professor may be one day we will accomplish a mission and steep there.

Students laugh.

Action Fiction