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Ideas and Scripts that VLR is Working at this moment

Scripts At Work:
 Dead Zone-Drama/Action

The world after the BIG WAR is a very hostile place and the USA is now divided in two, Las Americas Region for the regular population and the DEAD ZONE were al criminal and very sick people are. The courage and determination of a young man will force him to try to make it better after he is send there to prevent him from becoming the leader of Las Americas Region.

Back in Time-Action/Adventure

A carnival cruise is badly damage over sea forcing the captain to send a group of teenager to travel to a close by island to look for help where they will get involved into an electrical storm that will send them 50 years back.

Truck 720-Action/Adventure/Comedy

Two friends from high school move together to Germany after graduation and begin to work at a military truck assembly plant. Months later they will enter a contest for Germans only and they will win 10 million dollars, forcing them into getting a German friend to claim the price. The two friends will hide the money inside a truck at the plant that will later be send to Africa were they will have to go on an adventure to recover the money.

Priority Delivery-Action/Adventure/Comedy

A dangerous gang member decides to send a package containing a payment of one million dollars via a small delivery company in town to pay a debt to mafia. The driver, Victor upon realizing by accident whats on the package will decide to keep it, making him the target of the gang as well as the mafia as they try to recover the money.

Moras Tomb " The Ten Commandments of Dead"-Action/Adventure

An arqueology expedition in the Middle East discovers a crate from the Moras Tomb, "goddess queen of death" and brought it to USA. Like the mummy but in America.

The Fountain of Youth-Action/Adventure

An old man while digging on his back porch will find a under ground water deposit containing a substance that will give him special power and strenght to fight a very bad man that rules the village where he lives. Like the "Mask" but not funny.

Sharp Teeth-Action/Adventure

A group of fishermans travel to a remote location for a regular fishing trip where they will encounter shark like creatures that will bring horror to their life.

The Devils Sentry-Action/Adventure.

Story of a group of students from UCLA that while taking a Hispanic history course at the school they enroll to get into a trip to Puerto Rico for the study of the legend of the devils sentry (La Garita Del Diablo)


A presidential candidate its abducted by aliens and a computer ship will be place on his brain the day before elections. A year later now as he is the USA president, several top-secret missions and projects either has fail with no explanation why or has been sabotage some how. Finally with the help of a Harvard student and his friend the government will realize the problem and will be force to put the president into a comatose status to avoid the aliens to retrieve any more information from him. This will give no other choice to the aliens buy to attack the USA by implanting computer ships on thousands of people, including several prominent government officials. At the end the USA will awake the president and place him on the spaceship as bait to destroy the aliens.

Just Ideas:
  1.  Crazy World-Fiction
  2.  Happy Face-Horror
  3.  Nick Green-Action/Comedy
  4.  Six Pack-Action/Comedy
  5.  Black Santa-Action/Comedy
  6.  Black Rider-Action/Adventure
  7.  Playing the Game-Drama
  8.  Playing God-Drama
  9.  Human Virus-Action/Fiction
  10.  Father David-Serial Killer
  11.  Queen fo a week-Comedy
  12.  See no Evil-Serial Killer
  13.  LA Pawn-Action/Comedy  
  14.  The Freshman-Comedy
  15.  Sinking Island-Action/Adventure
  16.  Illegal Substance-Action/Drama
  17.  Amazons-Adventure
  18.  Deep Breath-Action/Adventure
  19.  Dream Catcher-Adventure
  20.  Index Mechanism-Adventure
  21.  Juan and the red toro-Animated
  22.  Pay Day-Drama
  23.  Texas Ranger-Drama/Action
  24.  Whatever it takes-Drama
  25.  The Big Four o-Drama